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November 2021


Recognizing that something is going wrong before it is too late is a gift that few acknowledge or accept. They are more concerned with their daily distractions and whatever the news is telling them to fear on that particular day.… Read More »DOWNWARD SPIRAL


A life sentence issued to the innocent This is not a political issue and what ever your political position; you need to see that simple truth. Conservative, Liberal or some other grouping the fact is that it does not matter.… Read More »ROE V. WADE

Serious Business

You can not look the other way any longer The more you pay attention to the goings on in our government buildings and the actions of our elected employees the more you will be disgusted and angered. There is little… Read More »Serious Business

Fire With Fire

The term fighting fire with fire is a common statement during times of struggle and strife. Giving someone a taste of their own medicine is the goal, but is it really necessary? Sometime we are called to fight and defend… Read More »Fire With Fire

Hold the Line

There comes a time when everyone has to choose, and that time is now. The division  within our church and shattered society make this your time to choose a side. This isn’t a new dilemma, it has been right in… Read More »Hold the Line

Just Breathe

Be still and listen Every day we rush through our busy day without really stopping to take a break. There is always something else to go to or to get done; there should be a better way. Well, the good… Read More »Just Breathe


The power to change is in us all Throughout the scripture we see the awesome power that lays in our prayers. PSALMS 107:28-30 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He… Read More »Prayer

Born Again

Justification and Sanctification It was with tears in my eyes that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Many times since I have been moved to tears in my worship and prayer by the presence of the Holy… Read More »Born Again