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November 2022

Daily Devotional

John 8:12 Good morning Soldiers Cross family! We have been blessed with a clear and sunny day. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to witness to every person encounter. Our red letter devotional today comes… Read More »Daily Devotional


Ecclesiastes 12:10-11 Good morning Soldiers Cross family. We are so very blessed to have this day to work, worship and witness! Today our devotional comes from the Book of Ecclesiastes and the wisdom of Solomon. We are seeing a trend… Read More »Devotional

Spiritual Thanksgiving

Society’s failure to recognize actual blessings Pastor Dan Hartman, November 24,2022 We hear a lot about being thankful this time every year. Many feel that their faith is recharged to a certain extent as well. These feelings have been carefully… Read More »Spiritual Thanksgiving

Hold the Line!

There comes a time when everyone has to choose, and that time is now. The division within our church and shattered society make this your time to choose a side. This isn’t a new dilemma, it has been right in… Read More »Hold the Line!