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How we as men have failed to serve and lead

Look around your community and it will become quite clear that things are not going well and there isn’t much hope on the horizon. We see our communities struggle with so many issues that it is hard to focus on just one broken area. Now, this isn’t front page news to most of us, but why isn’t it? Our news feeds us a steady steam of propaganda, hatred and division and that also shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. Here is the hardest part to except; it is our, as men, our fault.

I know that last sentence isn’t going to be popular, but that isn’t the message I am called to deliver. Men, on the whole, have dropped the ball across the board. Now you may say, “Not me” but in all reality “Yes, you too” and I will show you how. But before I seem like too much of a hypocrite, this applies to me too and me maybe even more.

As men, we are called to lead our families in every way possible and here is the first major failing. How often do you lead your children in prayer or teach them with the Bible? In this high tech world it is hard to get your kids to put down their phones, but there we are again, not leading. You supply that phone and thus should control it as a rule. Your children do not need a 24/7 portal into the enemies back yard; and if you think they aren’t or won’t go there you need to think again. If we are to lead it needs to begin inside our homes. Those of you who don’t have kids yet aren’t off the hook either, before you think this isn’t for you as well. You maybe single but that doesn’t make you less of a man or remove your roll in this train wreck we find ourselves in.

Living like men is an all or nothing commitment. You either do it or you don’t. There can be no middle ground in this battle for our souls and those of our families and loved ones. Adam came first and we saw how that played out for his family and things haven’t change much since then.

When we are in public it can be seen that certain men are completely out for themselves and have little regard for others. This applies to women too, but that is for another day. We see arrogant men speaking harshly to everyone with no apparent concern for who is around or might witness his actions. This is particularly disturbing when it is some we know or someone we got to church with. As men we are to keep each other in line as brothers in Christ and if that concept seem foreign to you; you might have missed the message or may be in the wrong congregation.

We are to live ethically while speaking the truth, about God and in all things in our daily interactions. This can be hard as we aren’t perfect, but we need to always try to be better each day. The truth about God should be easier, but when we don’t act like men and shy away from the truth because of what someone might think or say and this is exactly my point, Man Up!

We should live like the Lord is always watching, because He is. Like your parents may have said, “would you have done that if I was watching” or Grandma or whom ever. Every time the answer is no, but we forget to be bold and live out our faith. We just want to go about our business and avoid human contact as much as possible, but there in lays the problem. We need to use our sphere of influence to glorify God and proclaim the truth of the Gospel, not shuffle on home to waste away in front of the TV separated from your family and more importantly ignoring the Lord.

I challenge all who read this to take tomorrow and make a complete effort to Live like the men we are called to be, not shying away from contact with others, especially when it is an opportunity to witness, support, help, invite or correct from a place of Love; with Christ as the driving force. This may seem like a tall task, but is necessary to start following and living as we are commanded. You will see how many opportunities that pass you by everyday, and I promise it could really open your eyes to how far we have drifted from being men of God to being just another man. The men of the church need to step up in a big way if we are to make this world better and reach more lost souls than ever before. Just because it seems impossible doesn’t mean it is; there is no such thing as impossible to God. Live like MEN and reclaim our communities!

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