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Hold the Line!

There comes a time when everyone has to choose, and that time is now. The division within our church and shattered society make this your time to choose a side. This isn’t a new dilemma, it has been right in front of all of us, even if you didn’t look or acknowledge it. The simple question, “Do you Believe?” and then “What are you willing to do for that faith?”

We are engaged in a spiritual war for the souls of this world and where you choose to stand has never been more important. If you doubt my words turn on your television or read the news, the enemy isn’t trying to hide his plan anymore. We have a generation of lost and confused people that have bought into the propaganda and the lies. Do not let broken world influence you at all, reject sin without fail. We are to be the examples for this world, live your faith and profess the gospel out loud at each opportunity. We cannot afford to think someone will step up, all of us need to step up and attack the enemy where he is the strongest.

We know that Satan and his demons uses everything they can corrupt to draw believers away from their walk with the Lord. There are many times that the followers believe that they are following Jesus, but the glossy and slick lies seem so valid and righteous they follow almost blindly. When churches preach the value of this worlds brokenness rather than rebuking its depravity we allow those followers to step away from the Lord. The banners of false unity and acceptance of sin are being flown over our government building and even some churches. This is an outright declaration of war from the enemy and we need to attack that movement with the truth and turn away from all that supports that corrupted message and lifestyle.

Sin is nothing new, but we are living in a world much like Sodom and Gomorrah and the result to those acting out that life will meet the same damnation and judgment. When we do nothing in the face of this perversion we fail at our calling and fail our brother and sister who are lost in sin. It is not hate to reject these fallen souls, but rather through the Love of Jesus we are trying to save them from themselves. Love isn’t just blanket acceptance it is that conviction to live right and speak the truth. It is through love we are saved and that same love can be claimed by the lost when they repent and return to the Father.

The battle line is drawn out in red letters and it is time that the Body of Christ step forward and hold that battle line. There is no “plan B” we are called to live our faith and witness to the world. Retreat is not an option, Hold the Line!

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